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Enterprise Architecture
Insights Europe 2024

05 – 06 November 2024
Berlin, Germany

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Presentations 2024


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Key Topics 2024

Enterprise Architecture Europe Insights
in the context of agility, cloud transformation and data-driven processes

  • Cybersecurity and Risk Mitigation: Strategies to enhance cyber resilience
  • Strategic EAM: Strategic capabilities for enterprise value
  • AI and Automation in EAM: Practical application to enhance efficiency and effectiveness
  • Data-Centric Architectures: Understanding their value in a data-driven world
  • Digital Transformation and EAM: Collaborating to foster innovation and enable growth
  • EAM in Cloud Transformation: Assuring a smooth transition of service providers
  • Collaborative EAM: Managing complex architectures and finding efficient ways for documentation and sourcing of information
  • Green Enterprise Architecture Using Environmental Intelligence
  • Architecture Governance and Lean EAM
  • EAM and Business Capabilities in the digital ecosystem
  • Agile EAM: Adapting to agile work methods

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